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I got it from my grandma!

I grew up in Ecuador, which is home to one of the oldest civilizations in South America and one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

My abuela, Ana, was a Curandera – a medicine woman who used the natural healing properties of plants to treat illness and correct imbalances. She also used traditional wisdom and approaches to support women at various times of their life, including with what is now understood to be postnatal depression. She used to say: ‘Nature, touch and love are the cure for the heart.’ (Naturaleza, masaje y amor, son curas para el corazón). She instilled discipline, an understanding of our energy and the effect it has on others, as well as the importance of prioritising our wellbeing.

Holistic approach:

Following time spent in Spain, I moved to Bristol in 2015. Thanks to a friend, I found work shortly after I arrived – though I barely spoke English. I then took the leap to move from the hospitality industry to study Holistic Therapies and pursue my vocation. Following years of studying, training and practising, I’m pleased to say I am a fully qualified and licensed therapist. And I’ve worked on my English too! After working at prestigious salons and five-star hotels and spas around Bath and Bristol, I set up my own treatment room in both locations.

Relaxation and pain relief:

I am skilled in a range of treatments and specialise in Deep tissue massage. I love it when clients leave feeling rested, free of back and muscle pain and uplifted. I continue to develop through CPD courses through The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), of which I am a member.

My daughter is also studying health and beauty. I’m proud to say the family tradition is set to continue for yet another generation.

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